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Jassim Al Suwaidi Advocates & Partners includes a diverse team of lawyers, legal consultants and their support staff hailing from UAE and abroad with remarkable qualifications and an extensive experience in the legal profession.
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Having a shared purpose and an ethical set of values gives us a unique identity, which sets a unified direction as we navigate the future for our clients and our people, to ensures the continuation of a sustainable and responsible business.

About Us

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our Values
To remain as the most trusted legal practitioner in the UAE, with exceptional reputation not just within the legal community, but with all other professions, while expanding our reach and strengthening our ties with our partners across the globe. This is achieved by nurturing and developing outstanding individuals who can provide the finest legal guidance to our clients.
We strive to be the standard for excellence in the field of law and legal practice in the UAE.
Client Focused , Fully Transparent , Ethically Sound every step of the way.
Jassim Al Suwaidi Advocates & Partners – Sole Proprietorship LLC, is a leading multi-disciplinary law firm based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with over 12 years of professional experience in providing legal advice and representing clients in all federal and local courts in the United Arab Emirates, as well as acting on our clients’ behalf in local and international arbitration authorities.

Meet the expert team

  • We represent a variety of views, but have a shared understanding of aiming high and serving our clients with utmost commitment and candour.
  • A team of diverse individuals, where each member is an expert, with the same vision, offering a combined knowledge that is unmatched.